How to take care of your skin in Ramadan

So girls how are you guys doing ? First of all Ramadan Mubarak to all Pakistani girls and all Muslim sisters and brothers . I hope your Ramadan is going peacefully. In Ramadan we all feel lazy and forget about ourselves. As mostly there are no weddings in Ramadan many women even forget to take care of there skin. The schedule is so tough with all work and sahoor and aftaari perperation that we barely find time for ourselves. Here are the three tips which will keep you skin healthy in Ramadan too.

1- Eating healthy:
Many of us start eating oily things in Ramadan thinking that we had been fasting all day so its okay to have meals like this. let me tell you it takes 21 days to break a habit. if you keep eating unhealthy for 30 days the fact is you will get used to it and then it will be hard for you to follow a healthy diet. so the tip is eat healthy like fruits and natural juices.

2- keep yourselves hydrated:
Now I know it’s almost summer in Pakistan and you have been fasting too. its hard to keep ourselves hydrated. so yes whenever you get opportunity after aftaari drink as much water as you can periodically to keep your body hydrated.

3- hydrate your skin in Ramadan :
First of all wudu is a good process to keep your skin fresh but if you get time also apply some kind of hydrating mast like Garnier Hydrating Sheet Mask to keep your skin healthy and fresh during this summer season in Pakistan.

Pakistani bridal skin care

Bridal skin care
what steps to follow before your wedding for best skin results.

What make Pakistani brides so pretty??? It not just makeup which make a bride stand out of the crowd. A perfect bridal look involve many processes. Before bride’s big day there are few step I recommend to go through to get that beautiful glowy skin. Some of those step are:

facial wax:

Not everyone skin is perfect. I have seen many girls with so many facial hair. Off course we are living in era where hormonal issues causing facial hair is not a new topic anymore. So yes, Facial hair removal before wedding day is very important. It just make foundation application more smooth on face.

Night and day skin care routine:

when it comes to Pakistani bridal skin care we always think of ubtan for brides which is not bad but when it comes to skin I really think it’s more important to invest some good amount of money instead of just investing in beautiful latest lehengas designs because you can change dress but you can not change your face. so make sure your skin is looking best on your wedding day. A good serum mix with light weight moisturiser is recommended. Reasonablez is an Facebook page where you can find a good serum for good price. click here to visit them.

wedding diet:

Healthy diet for wedding is very important to get that perfect glow. its is very important to cleanse body as much from inside as much we do it from outside and healthy died really release all that intoxicants from our body which is causing our skin to breakout. So I really recommend exercise and herbally-enriched drinks to over come intoxicants of our body. I strongly recommend Hamdard ki saafi for herbally for cleansing of body on daily basis.

Facial :

There are many facial out there but what facial is for bride. well I think you can go for any facial which suits your face. Normal facial, Acne facial, Face glowing facial, herbal facials, Here are the few facial kits I recommend :

  • Lotus Facial Kit. …
  • O3 Facial Kit. …
  • Aroma Facial Kit. …
  • Jovees Facial Kit. …
  • Nature’s Gold Facial Kit. …
  • VLCC Diamond Facial Kit. …
  • Kaya Facial Kit.

There are many steps but for now I guess that’s few step I strongly suggest every bride should take before there wedding day. Click here to view some of skin care steps practically.

South Asian Bridal Makeup and hairstyles

Pakistani brides makeup
Asian bridal look

Pakistani brides are famous for there beauty and best makeup looks but sometime beauty comes with struggles and hardwork Like skin care and wedding diets.

apart from struggle of skin care the main struggle is of dresses and makeup. we are living in era where words like bridezilla prevail. Reason behind is the stressful wedding preparations, photo shoots, honeymoon, adjusting in new family. All these stresses will demotivates you but hey here are few tips on skin care for your big day which will take some of your stress and wedding work load off
More information on this topic available here.

cheap makeup Pakistani Makeup

Okay, I cannot believe that this is my first ever blog and I am writing about cheap makeup. When it comes to cheap makeup, the first thing to comes in mind is bad quality. Many people assume being cheap means that quality will be compromised. Well, that not always true and let’s face it, not everyone in this world is rich. Most of them are middle class and poor. So, do they have right to do makeup as well? Or makeup is just for rich people. Yes, of course, everyone has the right to do makeup but when it comes to buying cosmetics it is not that cheap for everyone to afford. So here come those cheap cosmetic brands who are heaven on earth for customers. Nowadays in India Pakistan, makeup trend is growing very fast. Everyone is into makeup. Cheap eyelashes, Cheap Eyeshadow palate, cheap lipsticks, cheap hairstyling products are commonly available in India Pakistan local market but as the trends are growing fast customer are getting aware of product qualities and companies’ scams. People want something more than just cheap. They want a good value product which means they want cheap but good cosmetics. Most cosmetic companies who make cheap but good cosmetics are basically available on one click. Yes, literally the internet has made it easier to buy anything online. Like anything, I mean you may never know if your search for elephant you might even find elephant online (JK).
So here are few websites you can find online for good shopping of cosmetics and stuff
Miss A
Miss A is a one-dollar Makeup shop. So, this shop has almost A to Z everything in makeup. Almost everything in one dollar. cheap Mink lashes to cheap eyeshadow pigments and from cheap makeup brushes to cheap beauty blenders, everything is available on this online shopping website.
Okay there are tons of videos on YouTube about how youtube have bought cheap wigs and clothes from wish and they were disappointed but there are tons of small beauty products which is sold by at very low prices and they work amazing.
eBay is one of the oldest websites for online shopping. eBay sells all kind of products, but they have some low prices cheap makeup and beauty products which heaven on earth for makeup lovers are. Recently I have experience buying a wax container and hard wax bean at an almost unbelievably low price. So if you love beauty accessories for low and cheap prices do check out eBay. sells good products at reasonable prices but I will be totally honest here, sometimes their products and marketing strategies for selling products suck. So, I am not going to talk much about it. Recently I have come across one of the scams of, where they have promised to offer 90% off sale to their customers and then they give it a name of April fool or prank. My overall experience from shopping at was not good. I bought shirts from and there stitching was not good. Let’s hope they improve their product quality and marketing strategies in the future as it is one of the big online stores of Pakistan who is offering beauty and fashion products at reasonable prices. visit
Pak style
This online store of Pakistan has some good sales deal section where you can always find something good at low prices. They offer good Pakistani women clothing’s from abayas to Pakistani kurta and tops and from khaddar dresses to chiffon dresses. They do offer beauty tools, makeup, and health care products in Pakistan. Reasonable:
I mean I know there are so many websites in Pakistan for selling cosmetics but we are talking about Cheap and good Pakistani cosmetics Not just cosmetics.
Apart from all the above online stores and websites, I will really like to mention here an Instagram page whom I am following from a year almost, and I genuinely assume they offer good products. do check out her page on Instagram “REASONABLE”. They offer some good cosmetics and serums at very reasonable prices. I have not personally bought anything from them but I do check their post and it looks very low prices product and amazing quality. click here to shop on pak style here.