How to take care of your skin in Ramadan

So girls how are you guys doing ? First of all Ramadan Mubarak to all Pakistani girls and all Muslim sisters and brothers . I hope your Ramadan is going peacefully. In Ramadan we all feel lazy and forget about ourselves. As mostly there are no weddings in Ramadan many women even forget to take care of there skin. The schedule is so tough with all work and sahoor and aftaari perperation that we barely find time for ourselves. Here are the three tips which will keep you skin healthy in Ramadan too.

1- Eating healthy:
Many of us start eating oily things in Ramadan thinking that we had been fasting all day so its okay to have meals like this. let me tell you it takes 21 days to break a habit. if you keep eating unhealthy for 30 days the fact is you will get used to it and then it will be hard for you to follow a healthy diet. so the tip is eat healthy like fruits and natural juices.

2- keep yourselves hydrated:
Now I know it’s almost summer in Pakistan and you have been fasting too. its hard to keep ourselves hydrated. so yes whenever you get opportunity after aftaari drink as much water as you can periodically to keep your body hydrated.

3- hydrate your skin in Ramadan :
First of all wudu is a good process to keep your skin fresh but if you get time also apply some kind of hydrating mast like Garnier Hydrating Sheet Mask to keep your skin healthy and fresh during this summer season in Pakistan.

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